Check out our newest review of our A2 Buddy Bunny! November 25, 2014 10:04

Thank you BabyDash for your review!

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"Kids love interactive toys. That is why they will love Alilo Honey Bunny G6!" November 17, 2014 12:44

Check out Mama Smith's review of our Alilo Honey Bunny G6.

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Thanks to Tessa Smith from Mama Smith's Blog.

We have a wonderful review November 12, 2014 12:53

We just got a new review of our Alilo Buddy Bunny A2! 

This is review of the Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny by Renee King over at the blog: A Parent's and Nanny's Guide to Everything Early Childhood and Beyond
Big thanks to Renee King for her wonderful review!

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More reviews coming soon!

We have new product reviews! October 30, 2014 14:04

Recently, we have been reaching out to bloggers who are interested in doing product reviews of our Alilo Bunnies. We just got two new reviews this week! 

The first is a review of the Alilo G6 Honey Bunny by Nicholle over at the blog, Chelsea's Mommy
Big thanks to Nicholle and Chelsea for their great review!

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The second review is from the beautiful blog, Discovery Street. Ruthy and her daughter reviewed our Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny. There's even a video! 

Click here to read Ruthy's review of the Buddy Bunny. 


Keep an eye out for more reviews coming soon! 

Benefits of Reading Aloud September 04, 2014 22:06

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