Troubleshooting and FAQs 1

Simple! Just download the original files here. If you erased the folders on the Bunny as well, please make three new folders exactly as MUSIC, STORY, and CUSTOM. Then drag the files you downloaded into the correct files. Unfortunately, if you erase a recording, it is not possible to get back.

The SD card might have become loose. Although Alilo is drop resistant and has a bumper to keep the card in, it can occasionally still become loose. All you need to do is reinsert the card. To do this, please follow the steps below.

1. Make sure Alilo is off.
2. Using a small Philips Screwdriver, open up the SD card bay.
3. Push the card in to release it and then back in to lock it.
4. Close the SD card bay and make sure the safety bumper itself isn’t causing the card to release.
5. Switch Alilo back on and enjoy!

Please email us at to request a manual for your Alilo and we can send you a PDF of the manual.

Alilo supports MP3, WAV, and WMA files that are less than 320kbps. Though the “VOICE” folder will only support WAV files.

No, our Alilo Bunnies do not have a headphone jack. They are made to share their songs and stories out loud with everyone. Plus it’s easier to dance without the headphones!

Please check that the Alilo is charged. If it is charged and still won’t turn on, turn it off, connect it to the computer, and check if there any unsupported files on the SD card. If there are, remove them from the device. The only supported file types are MP3, WAV, and WMA.

Please check to make sure the Bunny is on and the volume is turned up. After that, if it still isn’t working, check to make sure it is charged. If that also does not work, check and make sure the files on the Micro SD card are in a supported format. There should only be three folders on the Micro SD card named exactly as “MUSIC”, “STORY”, and “CUSTOM”. There will be fourth folder called “VOICE” if you have done a recording.

Please make sure the Bunny is turned off as it will not charge if it is on. Then you can check to make sure there is no visible damage to the USB cable, ports, and wall charger, and outlet (if you’re using a wall charger). If there is damage to one, or more of these, do not charge the Bunny until you get a replacement.

BIG, Honey, Sweet, and Buddy Bunny all use a Mini USB cord, while Cool Bunny and Smarty use a Micro USB cord.

We strongly advise charging your Bunny on the computer with the provided USB cord or with a wall adapter that has an output of 5V, 500mA (millamps).

Press any number on the remote and check if the LCD screen shows “HOLD”. If the LCD screen displays “HOLD” it means the Bunny is child locked. Press the Child Lock button and hold for 2 seconds until you see “UNHOLD” show up on the LCD screen.

The Bunny is most likely stuck in “Repeat” mode. Note, only Big, Buddy, and Sweet Bunny have the repeat feature. To get it out of repeat mode, all you need to do it hold the “Single Track Repeat” button for 2 seconds. On Big Bunny, this button is found on the remote only.

Yes, CFR 47 FCC part 15 Subpart B, ASTM F963-11, CPSIA section 108, 101(f)(1)m 101(a)(2), US California Proposition 65 and EN50419:2006.

1. Make sure the Bunny is off and connect to the computer with the USB cord.
2. Open the Computer window.
3. Save any files you want from the Bunny to your computer.
4. Right click on the USB drive under ‘Devices and Removable Storage’ section and select Format.
5. In the Format window, select FORMAT32 (FAT32).
6. Select Quick Format and hit start.
7. Once this is done, your card will be reformatted. You will need to make the following folders on the Bunny then, "MUSIC", "STORY", and "CUSTOM".
8. Drag the content into the appropriate folders and safely eject the USB.
9. Enjoy your Bunny!

Please note, all Amazon purchases should be returned through Amazon. If you bought the product on our website, please find more information about returns here.

Please note, all Amazon purchases should be returned through Amazon. If you bought the product on our website, please find more information about returns here.