Buddy Bunny

$ 59.99

Buddy Bunny ROCKS!

Here are some of Buddy’s [hard]core features:

  • 4 GB of storage for your MUSIC and STORIES
  • Comes preloaded with classic children’s songs and stories
  • Amazingly clear Hi-Fi speaker
  • Built-in microphone to record your own hits and tales
  • Track playback function, and lock buttons to ensure fun
  • Awesome volume + on/off control tail!
  • Built like a tank! (if tanks were made out of ABS plastic)
  • Entire surface is dry erase safe!
  • BPA-free silicone ears are squishy and can be used as a LED nightlight
  • Launch the white noise feature for bedtime soothing
  • Rockin' form makes Buddy the best headbanging companion
  • 5 Hours of rechargeable battery life
  • USB charging and connectivity make customizing playlists a breeze
  • Supported operating system: Windows

90 Day Warranty with proof of purchase

Did we mention Buddy is an AWARD WINNING toy!?

UPC Green: 6954644609164
UPC Red: 6954644609157
UPC Yellow: 6954644609140