Smarty Shake & Tell

$ 38.00

The Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell rattle comes with over 15 different rattle sounds, everything from bubbles to a cow mooing, but it can do so much more!

  • Color Identifying Technology - simply place Smarty over an object and press down lightly. Smarty's ears will then light up as that color and Smarty will also say that color. This works best with the 9 color cards included.
  • Soothing Music and Stories - in addition to the rattle sounds, Smarty comes preloaded with both popular songs and stories for kids.
  • LED Ears - Smarty has silicone ears that gently light up with different colors.
  • Rechargeable Battery - Smarty comes with a USB cord for charging.

Disclaimer: Smarty only identifies the following colors, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black, and gray.

UPC Yellow: 6954644609072
UPC Pink: 6954644609089
UPC Purple: 6954644609065
UPC Blue: 6954644609058