Sweet Bunny

$ 67.99

Cute and friendly is the best way to describe Sweet Bunny! Wrapped in soft silicone, she adds new texture to a classic design!

The Ears & Knows bunnies can learn every child's favorite songs & stories making them a perfect friend. With all the features packed into each bunny a child can play with the Ears & Knows ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.

  • Play music through a Hi-Fi speaker
  • Listen to stories with amazing clarity
  • Illuminate bedtime with soft LED Ears
  • Parents stay worry free with the virtually indestructible ABS construction
  • Simple and soft buttons make our bunnies easy use
  • USB charging and connectivity make customizing playlists a breeze
  • With the 4 GB of on board storage, kids can record themselves or have the bunny learn all their favorite songs & stories
  • Comes preloaded with 20 classic songs & stories
  • Supported operating system: Windows

90 Day Warranty with proof of purchase.

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UPC Yellow: 6954644601755
UPC Blue: 6954644601748